Barn Reno Part 1

Barn Reno Part 1

Our cherished 100 year old barn, whose soul outshines its exterior, is getting some tender loving care.

Our friends Sherry and Claude from Mapleleaf Stucco and Stone are doing a great job.

Last year we replaced all the missing wall boards and fixed the sill. This year the barn interior has been emptied, cleaned and leveled. The front facing wall has now been insultated, doorways framed, windows added for natural lighting and strapping placed in preperation for siding.

We have kept all the barn boards on, but you will only see them from the inside.

Stay tuned. more walls, siding, flooring and lighting to come.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder has a straight roof line!

We have never seen it look this clean!

The beams are all hand hewn. Our ancestors were some incredible people.

Even found some original tools.

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  • Kevin Gallant

    What a transformation! Can’t wait to gather in this 100 year old place in History! Imagine all the stories told in this old barn.

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