Barn Reno Part 2

Barn Reno Part 2

A quick update on progress. Work continues both on the barn and around the barn.

Sherry and Claude from Mapleleaf Stucco and Stone continue to astound.

The exterior work has progressed around the barn. In the following before and after work you will see none of that could have happened without Gary Roy's most excellent landscapping work.

The east side of the barn had the only original window. The terrain has been leveled and new windows installed.


The windows are set to provide light, of course, but also a view from the loft.

Continuing on, the backside of the barn is where many of our original barn boards were stolen. We added back boards but the terrain was rough and well populated with raspberries. The first ladder in the picture was required to just get above the berries.

Thanks to Gary you can now walk around the barn in shorts (31C the other day).

On the final side, pond side, the ground has been built up and similar windows have been added. This side of the barn did not have a loft, but Sherry and Claude will be adding one soon.

We can imagine folks sitting in the loft enjoying the view over the pond and onto the lavender field and river.

Sorry, that was long..and yet..we feel obliged to add this brief tutorial on Barn Knees (who knew?).

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